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Life on Sakhalin Island, Russia can be challenging and caring for up to 25 people a day can be overwhelming. House of Hope goes through 13 loaves of bread a week (which they try and make themselves), 10 liters of milk, 8kg of potatoes per week, 6kg of rice, 6kg of flour and 28 loads of laundry

It’s easy to support the House of Hope. Choose the shopping cart of your choice and go from there!

Groceries for one week—10,000 rubles ($300.00)

Laundry supplies for one week about 5kg of washing powder —300 rubles ($10.00)

Nappies and baby supplies for one mum for one week—1,600 rubles ($50.00)

Rent for one month—52,000 rubles ($1565.00)

Monthly utilities—15,000 rubles ($450.00)


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House of Hope
5 Emarka Street
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
Phone : +7914-746-1233

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