Nastya and Miroslava

Nastya-and-MiraslavaAge:  Nastya is 22 years old. She is the mother of Miroslava who turned one on December 3rd.

History:  Nastya grew up North of Sakhalin with a sister, Klova and a brother Seroja.  When she was seven years old she went to live at the Ugligorsk orphanage to get away from her alcoholic father who was beating her mother.  She was at the orphanage until she was 15 years old when she was sent to live in a student dormitory and study to be a shop assistant at a local college.  She was there from 2003-2006.  She then went on to take a one year course in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk as a computer program operator.  In 2006 she met Anton who is Miroslava’s father.   They have been together for the last four years, but are currently separated. Nastya met Peter and Tracy in 2007.  She has been in and out of the house four times.  She has currently been with them for nine months which is her longest stay yet.

Best thing about living in the house:  ”Having help and a family”, says Nastya.  “If I wasn’t living here I would be living on the streets.”

Worst thing about living in the house:  ”So many people to clean up after”.  She feels like she cleans and five minutes later everything is untidy again.

Hobbies:  Sewing, knitting and cooking.

Best thing about being a Mum:  Playing with Miroslava and making her laugh.

Hardest thing about being a Mum:  Not knowing how she will pay for Miroslava’s needs. Each month the government gives her 2000 Rubles (about $65 USD), but this is not enough to cover all expenses.

Future Goals and Hopes:  ”To continue living in House of Hope and to eventually place Miroslava in a day care program and work”.  She would like to study as a secretary and work in this profession.  She would also like for Miroslava’s father, Anton to live at the house so Mira-Slava would have a family.

Miroslava:  Means peace and glory.  Her first word was Mama.  ”Her favorite food is truthfully dog food since we are constantly taking it away from her!”.  ”Otherwise, milk and salami.”  Her favorite toy is the phone, paper, packets or anything that rattles and makes noise.


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