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Becoming a member of the family = chores and responsibilities

Chore charts and job responsibilities are commonplace in families and at the House of Hope everyone is expected to pitch in. Once an orphan decides to become part of the House of Hope family, they are required to contribute to the normal household duties. Participating in routine chores gives them a sense of ownership and builds real-world life skills.

The youth at House of Hope fall into three categories – young mothers with babies, youth who cannot work and regularly employed individuals furthering their training at a vocational technical school. It is because of the love and support the House of Hope provides that some of the homeless youth have been successful turning around their lives.

Meet our family members

Many of the youth featured in the videos below are 2nd and 3rd generation orphans. Before they came to House of Hope, all they knew was a life of prostitutions, drugs and alcohol. They still have their challenges but now these youth have the tools and desire for a better life.


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