Olyesya and Bogdan

Olyesya-Lenya-Bogdan-and-Platon6 years and about 8 months ago, one young single women come to me and said

“Tracy, I am pregnant, I am really sorry I can go if you want…”

After a long chat, we convinced her that no baby is ever a mistake, that in our opinion all babies were a gift despite the circumstances they may have been conceived under. The mum stayed with us and 6 years ago tomorrow this precious boy was born. His parents called him Bogdan (which means God Gave). He has lived most of his life in my house, and I have the blessing of being Grandma (Baba) and Peter Grandfather (deda).

So tonight, as I have every eve of Bogdan’s birthday spent the evening baking and decorating his birthday cake, so he and his family and the others we work with know without a doubt they are no accidents only precious Gifts, that I think bless me more than I could bless them.


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