An Open Door for Homeless Youth

House of Hope is a non-profit social organization founded in 2005 by Peter and Tracy Harrison, an Australian couple who sold all they owned and moved with their three children to Sakhalin to care for the orphans of Yuzhno-Sakhalin. House of Hope provides love, hope and support to orphans ages 16–25 who have aged out of the State run orphanages.

Frigid Russian winters. Drug and alcohol abuse.

These are just some of the things orphans face when they are out on the streets of Yuzhno-Sakhalin. As soon as an orphan turns16,,they are handed 20,000 rubles (about $550) and sent out into the city to make it on their own. These children have no skills, little education and no place to go. The money they are given to survive is often gone within a week.

The House of Hope is a drop in center and half way house.

It is not an orphanage

It is not a hotel

It is not a student dormitory

The youth come to the house by way of referral from courts, student dormitories, orphanage staff or other charity organizations, or by word of mouth from other kids. Tracy and Peter interview the youth to evaluate their needs and assess their situation. If a child meets the criteria, the House of Hope reviews the rules and policies and it is at this point where the orphan youth makes the decision to try and better their life – and live as a member of the structured House of Hope Family

Feeding the hungry and fulfilling a need

Every evening an average of 15–25 youth drop in for dinner. Most come for food but all come for the unconditional love that the Harrisons provide. The House of Hope kitchen is open for coffee, breakfast, snacks, evening meals and equally important – it’s open for fellowship.

Clean clothes and confidence

Something as simple as having clean clothes and a shower can change a person’s outlook and give a boost of confidence to tackle the day. The laundry facilities and shower are open to the homeless youth, allowing them to wash away the dirt – and despair.

The House of Hope is a safe haven

The house provides areas for the kids to sit and talk without fear of being approached by someone with criminal motives. There are reading resources available to encourage personal development, further their skills and education. Computers with limited Internet access, movies and games are all available for the youth to enjoy. The kids are made to feel at home and are welcomed into the House of Hope family.



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